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your people are the heart of your organization

Let's create a customized benefits plan that is right for you and your people

Captivate Benefits is supporting employers to create healthy and happy workplaces




We value building community,  continual learning, relentless pursuit of personal and professional improvements, going the extra mile and thinking outside the box.



When partnering with our clients, we bring years of expertise as benefits specialists to the table. Benefit plans are a material component of the compensation you provide your employees and we nudge you to think critically about all aspects of it, beginning with why you offer it.  We believe that knowledge is power so we will provide you with analysis to guide your decision-making.  At the end of the day, your benefit plan is in place to improve the well-being of your people.  In order for that to happen, they must be informed about the programs and that's a job we take very seriously.


There is no beating around the bush that employee benefits are a commodity just like any insurance product.  It’s not the products that we have access to or the pricing we get from the insurance companies that make Captivate Benefits stand out. It’s the passion that we have for your success and the people who use the benefits - your employees - that differentiates us. We support you in demonstrating how much you care for your employees. This is done by intentionally creating benefit plans and wellness programs that improve the physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing of your people.



We are built on a foundation of caring and empowering everyone we connect with to reach their fullest potential.

Shannon Hughes



As a Benefits and Retirement Savings Specialist with 15+ years of experience, Shannon has observed firsthand that the phrase 'you don't know what you don't know' applies to benefits knowledge for many professionals, and even those tasked with making decisions about the benefits for their company.  She has devoted her career to simplifying the complex benefits landscape so her clients can make informed decisions about programs that will protect their employees and enhance the well-being and engagement in their workplace.  

The core value that drives Shannon is a desire to support people to fulfill their potential.  She brings about opportunities for that to happen in her personal and professional life through a commitment to education, wellness and community.

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"Working with Shannon with Captivate Benefits has been a rewarding experience.  Not only has she helped us find a benefit program that meets our needs, but she has educated us in the process, making us a more informed consumer.  Shannon has handled so much of the leg work for us, allowing us to focus on our company, rather than trying to figure out all of the aspects related to benefits.  She handles any questions and concerns with prompt and effective communication and goes above and beyond with extra services such as personally made information videos and newsletters.  We rely on Shannon with great confidence, and we would recommend her to anyone!"

Corina Jeppesen | Regional Director, Active Start Child Care

"Shannon presented very well in our Financial Health seminar at our firm and engaged our employees to a high degree. She was informative, enthusiastic, and organized with her content. I am confident that our employees have gained a broad range of knowledge relating to Financial Health, and the specific topics we asked her to focus on. I would recommend Shannon to any company looking to further inform their employees on financial topics or information relating to employee benefits!"

Jenna Thorton | Human Resources, Fasken

"Shannon has been such a pleasure to work with! She has done a wonderful job of getting to know our organization and what we value and has been able to reflect those values in the support and care she shows for us. Her ability to offer her guidance, expertise and support to our entire organization has benefited our team immensely; whether it be a call, a lunch and learn, or a year long communication plan, she is here to help."

The Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids Team

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